The only place to play Atlanta Pinball

Heroic!  Comic book alley

My machines are always well maintained, clean, and fully functional.  If something goes wrongly, it is fixed ASAP.

They have tasteful modifications. 

They have the latest firmware updates.

They have anti-glare glass, shaker motors, tasteful mods, dollar acceptors and drink holders.

@My Parents Basement (10):

Batman '66 Premium

Deadpool Limited Edition

Gaurdians of the Galaxy Limited Edition

X-Men Limited Edition Wolverine

Star Wars Premium

Medieval Madness Remake

Monster Bash

Attack From Mars Remake Limited Edition

Iron Maiden Premium

The Walking Dead Pro

@Mellow Mushroom Lavista Emory

-Iron Man Vault Refinery

-Black Spider-Man Limited Edition

@Farmburger Grant Park

-Metallica Pro

@NCR Corp HQ

-Game of Thrones Pro

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