Atlanta Pinball
where to play pinball in atlanta

Gloriously maintained late model pinball machines.

Games at My Parents basement


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Games at Other Locations

Farmburger Grant Park

Lost in Space

Mellow Mushroom Lavista Emory


Guardians of the Galaxy 

NCR Corporate HQ

Guardians of the Galaxy

Thinking Man Tavern

Deadpool Limited Edition

About Me


Pinball?  Yes, Pinball!  Hey, I'm KG.  I've got a white collar gig, and bills, and grownup responsibilities- but my true passion and stress relief is Pinball!  I play because it's incredibly fun and addictive to hit the ball and get that unmistakable physical tangible feedback. I got into the zany hobby in 2012.  Five years after playing several games in my home daily, it was time to share my love with all of Atl.  Starting as a one machine experiment in Sep’17, the phenomenon quickly took over resulting in 10 machines at My Parents Basement a few months later.  And potentially more locations in the future.  My pinball machines are where to play pinball in ITP Atlanta. 

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